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Being a KobeNetwork user, it's vital to understand the following:

Continuing using KobeNetwork site, you confirm you have read and fully agree with the terms of KobeNetwork.com

The website is operated by KobeNetwork. Our Service Terms can be edited any time without a prior notification. Continuing using KobeNetwork.com, you accept to abide by the Service Terms. Remember, together with these Terms, all the agreements with KobeNetwork and their terms must be regarded as well.

1. KobeNetwork Privacy Policy

With any questions concerning Privacy on KobeNetwork go to KobeNetwork.com and read our policy. It points out how and why we get your specific data for and how KobeNetwork applies this information. For KobeNetwork, the users privacy's the first importance.

2. KobeNetwork Copyright Protection

KobeNetwork's copyright is fully protected. It includes our logotype, texts, web interface, files, and all the above-described arrangements. All the material on KobeNetwork cannot be copied, reposted, republished, displayed anywhere, downloaded or taken by various means (such as photos, recording or other ways) without KobeNetwork consent (if it isn't specified in this policy). The data is only allowed to be applied for getting location data and non-commercial application. After getting permission, you agree not to copy or distribute any copyrighted materials, delete or change them.

3. KobeNetwork Trademarks

KobeNetwork is an officially registered trademark, which is protected by laws. It is forbidden to copy or imitate any of KobeNetwork trademarked materials, except for the cases when a special permission is given by KobeNetwork.

The KobeNetwork trademarks include headers, graphics, scripts, and icons - all of them are under protection. We can also show some trademarks of the other entities. They protected not by KobeNetwork, but by their own trademark owners. The KobeNetwork.com usage can be only personal and non-commercial. Reselling the KobeNetwork aspects is a crime. Please keep yourself from applying any received data of KobeNetwork site.

4. KobeNetwork Rules of Website Linking

It is allowed to make a link to KobeNetwork, but it's forbidden to apply KobeNetwork in a bad, derogatory or any destructive way. To apply any type of trademarks or materials a visitor requires a KobeNetwork's permission.

Any visitor, who follows an outside link on KobeNetwork website, is not under KobeNetwork protection anymore. KobeNetwork isn't responsible for the content, which might be shown on any linked web pages. Remember, following any links away from KobeNetwork site is your risks.

5. The Use of KobeNetwork site

KobeNetwork has faith in their visitors and expects them to behave morally. Continuing to read this you agree to act reasonably and adhere to the KobeNetwork stated rules. You agree not to abuse KobeNetwork or its services, interfere with the KobeNetwork site users' security, their accounts, and enjoyment. You agree to avoid disputing KobeNetwork servers or the associated resources of KobeNetwork and their affiliates.

You give your consent to follow the restrictions concerning the access to KobeNetwork site. You also accept them and respect the laws concerning KobeNetwork usage. We carry no responsibility for the businesses being advertised on KobeNetwork and the products/services they offer.

If the disputes concerning Trademark/Copyright appear, KobeNetwork is ready to protect you. We fully regard the DMC Act. Any violations found on KobeNetwork should be discovered by giving the corresponding data to KobeNetwork agents:

5.1) The one having been authorized by the owner of the exclusive copyright should have a special signature.
5.2) It's required to have a registration number and a proof of registered trademark.
5.3) Display the contents under consideration.
5.4) Give us your e-mail to receive our correspondence, your current phone number, and the address.
5.5) Write your original statement and explain which material looks for you as copyrighted.
5.6) Make sure your data's precise and reliable and you own a necessary authorization for such complaint.
5.7) Write to pub@kobenetwork.com or adv@kobenetwork.com to contact a KobeNetwork agent.

6. Indemnification Agreement of KobeNetwork

Remember, breaking KobeNetwork Terms, the other visitors' rights or having behavior, which provokes other people to make a claim about the non-moral actions or damages, you should accept to carry your blame.

7. Submitted Materials

KobeNetwork doesn't guarantee full confidentiality of your statements, questions, comments, ideas, graphics, plans or other personal materials you have and the data you give KobeNetwork using e-mail or other ways. When you have posted any materials, it becomes a KobeNetwork property. Thus, you have no rights to them anymore. KobeNetwork is free to apply your materials as they want with no notifications or payments.

8. KobeNetwork Disclaimer of Warranty

The KobeNetwork visitors agree KobeNetwork.com and its contents, products, materials, etc. are displayed as "they are". The application of KobeNetwork is only your risk. We disclaim the title or any other warranties. Make sure you don't depend on any data supplied by KobeNetwork or any associated entities. Visiting other websites through KobeNetwork or downloading from them are only your risks. You're completely responsible for the possible damage to your PC.

KobeNetwork isn't responsible for the data loss after downloading materials or software. We aren't responsible for any goods, materials, contents or services provided by other parties via KobeNetwork unless the opposite is stated by a KobeNetwork document. We're neither responsible for the other sites reliability.

KobeNetwork doesn't guarantee that the materials found on our site will fully meet your necessities. We don't promise the site will be without errors, uninterrupted, and secure. There is no guarantee for any defects to be fixed. KobeNetwork isn't responsible for lags, errors, corruption of files, interruptions of services or other damages.

9. KobeNetwork Liability Limitations

KobeNetwork, the affiliate resources or any parties involved can become liable for the damage happened because of or connected with the application/prevention of KobeNetwork use, or any content shown on it, or the illegal access/adjustment made to the user's entries consequences, or particular data transmitted/taken. The cases include the loss of access, data, profit or other types of losses. Remember, there're laws forbidding to limit or exclude liability for any kind of damage. It means parts of the limitations of the agreement of liability cannot be applied.

10. Legal Obligations

The Terms points are ruled by the European laws. In a case when you want to take any legal actions concerning the Terms, it's necessary to file the complaint with the European Court.

11. KobeNetwork Termination Rules

KobeNetwork has a right to delete the account of a user or terminate the use of KobeNetwork site. It can be done without notifications and on our own decision. It might be required to prevent the access to KobeNetwork sites in the future. We can stop or change your site use or any services we provided on our own decision.

12. Exceptions from KobeNetwork Service Terms

If a part of our Terms is proved to be unlawful, this part should be void and deleted from the KobeNetwork policy. Nevertheless, the other aspects remain unchanged and must be followed. The refuse to follow the given condition and rights guaranteed by KobeNetwork won't be honored unless the opposite is written in KobeNetwork document. If you desire to waive any of the conditions, you'll require signing the corresponding documents.

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