Start earning higher income
and get paid within shorter period of time
KobeNetwork brings very profitable results to all its advertisers, which results in higher revenues for you. We collaborate with all top brands as well as publishers across the globe, providing ads at a massive global scale in order to increase your earnings to the maximize. In addition, you receive money faster, since we make payments within 15 days after each month.
All major ad formats can be used
in order to fully optimize your revenue
Add any preferable or all major ad formats (i.e. native, video, banner, interstitial) to your application. Find the best combination that works in the best manner for your users in order to have the most ideal experience possible, and fully optimize your revenues at the same time.
Multiple varions platforms & simple integration
for high-quality ads generation
We work closely with all developers across the top-ranked Google, iOS and Amazon applications. With help of our lightweight SDK you can quickly monetize via effective in-app advertisements, which are available in all main formats for both Apple TV and mobile apps. You even can start the advertising campaigns in order to find new potential users.
Create own targeted ads
in order to learn more and sustain everything that works
With help of our reporting dashboard you can enjoy a quick read of all your top-line outcomes and results. Study deeper our powerful, efficient analytics in order to fully improve the ad performance. Moreover, we offer end-to-end customer support on 24/7 basis.
24/7 support & real time results
to know and support what’s working
Our reporting dashboard delivers a quick read of your top-line results. Dig deeper into our powerful, in-depth analytics to improve ad performance. Plus we offer end-to-end support 24/7.

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