Cookies Policy

What do you need to know about Cookies?

Cookies are tiny files, containing pieces of data, which has been downloaded to the PC (or the other device) after visiting a certain site by an Internet user. Being stored, the cookies are transferred to the originating or any other sites, which are able to recognize them. Cookies are helpful as they allow the site to define the visitors' devices and to provide them with the better experience.

Cookies fulfill many various functions, such as efficient navigating of the visitors between the pages, saving customers' preferences, and improving the experience of the visitors on the site in general. Besides, cookies are able to make the adverts displayed more relevant to a particular user and his/her interests. Nevertheless, the cookies themselves aren't able to identify a customer, as they can just identify the gadget (a mobile phone or a PC), which is applied, by means of randomly generated tags of identification.

Finding out how KobeNetwork applies Cookies

To make the access to full, a user requires to accept cookies on a PC, mobile, tablet or other device applied. By means of Cookies KobeNetwork as able to give you a better experience. Let's look at the several examples of Cookies usage by KobeNetwork:
- getting the necessary data to find out the customers' interests about the site and emails (as well as the users' dislikes)
- measuring the advertising efficiency and finding out the way the customers use KobeNetwork site.

Cookie policy. The kinds of Cookies KobeNetwork applies

A comprehensive list of Cookies, which are applied on can be viewed in our cookies list. It gives all the necessary information concerning the ways of and reasons for Cookies usage.

The cookies categorization on KobeNetwork is made according to the ICC UK Cookie guide, which has been published in April of 2012.

1) Strictly Essential Cookies

It's a Cookies type, which we ask for from you officially. They're important for comfortable navigation on and application of KobeNetwork site functions or features (such as access to KobeNetwork secure zones). Without them, particular options can't operate.

2) Performance Cookies

This type of cookies gathers only anonymous data on the pages, which a customer visits. It includes the facts concerning the users and the way they apply KobeNetwork site (for example, which pages are the most frequently visited, whether they contain errors or not, etc.). Such kind of cookies doesn't collect identifying information. The data is completely anonymous. The key reason to use it is the improvement of KobeNetwork operation.

3) Functionality Cookies

This type of cookies gathers the information about the choices of the customers, such as names, languages or other options. It helps improve the user's experience providing personal features.

This type includes only essential cookies, which influence the functionality of KobeNetwork.

All the categories, which are described above, are necessary to be set up to maintain, site efficiency, ease of its usage, and in order to guarantee the uninterrupted access. You cannot deactivate them independently so if you continue applying and the corresponding services, you fully accept to activate these cookie types on the PC or the other gadget.

4) Cookies for advertising and targeting

To make the adverts interesting and relevant for KobeNetwork customers, this kind of cookies gathers the data concerning browsing history. They also allow limiting the number of times a user sees any particular ad and measuring digital advertising campaigns of KobeNetwork efficiency.

The function of cookies is installed by the 3rd party to which KobeNetwork gives a permission. Cookies memorize visits to and give the received results to various organizations (such as media owners).

Cookies of such type might be disabled with no KobeNetwork access losing. You may find more useful data about such cookie type and the information about the disabling on

Cookies list

How can a customer manage or deactivate any type of the Cookies?

In the case, if a customer desires to block/delete any of the cookies, which have been set up by he or she needs to use the browser for changing the setting. If the customers require any help, they can visit, where there're useful details concerning cookies management for various browsers.

More information on Cookies is available on various sites, such as, etc.

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