of choice for all the brands."/>

About Us

KobeNetwork transforms mobile into the medium
of choice for all the brands.

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Provide all brands with ability to utilize data in order to take marketing decisions and further deliver all relevant content via mobile.

Our unique marketing platform utilizes the real-time data signals in order to study customers and further match them with suitable brands, while making sure you locate new potential users that are most likely to engage.

We provide the relevant content to more than a billion of mobile consumers on monthly basis. With help of KobeNetwork, the brands receive insight, find new users and fulfill the goals of their mobile marketing campaigns.

More than 2 billion users
have already reached 200x per month
Consumers 3x
are more likely to install the app, if they see the message by KobeNetwork
$20 ROAS
for each $1 spent, advertisers receive $20 return
150+ Terabytes
of ad requests on monthly basis
Check the detailed campaign results in order to come up with ROI based decisions
300 Billion
of data is processed on daily

Product First Approach

We fully focus on our product and set it as the main priority. Our platform provides all brands with the ability to utilize the real-time data signals in order to come up with the most effective marketing decisions for more than one billion of mobile consumers around the world.

Innovation Is The Key To Success

We always keep growing, improving and getting better. We don't hesitate to take chances, execute coding very quick, modify things, improve them and continue the innovation process at a high pace.

A Great Team To Work With

We strongly believe that we are stronger if we are united. Hereby, we maintain this culture and work as one solid team, while achieving all our goals across our teams around the world and ensuring that our culture always maintains excellence, collaboration, loyalty and prudence.

We represent a self-funded, quickly growing company with various team members across the globe.
Since the very launch back in 2012, we’ve already managed to increase our revenue more than two times as well as the overall growth from year to year! We are one unique team of data scientists, engineers, designers, product managers, sales experts, account managers, marketers, support specialists and many others.


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